How to Create a Job(gig) on Workamnow as a Freelancer : Step by Step Guide

Getting acquainted with the functionalities of a digital platform without proper guidance can be quite frustrating. This is particularly true when it has to do with income generating activities as is the case on workamnow. In the digital economy we find ourselves in today, the least error could be quite damaging to your prospects of attracting clients. Thus, the reason for this comprehensive guide on how to become a seller on workamnow. Read on to find out in detail how to create a job on workamnow as a freelancer.

How to become a seller on workamnow

Workamnow is a meeting point for those in need of digital services(buyers) of all kinds and those who can provide these services(sellers). Buyers have the possibility of selecting sellers from a host of others who offer the same service on the platform according to their specific needs and personal preferences. As such, sellers must endeavour to properly set up their accounts and jobs in such a way as to attract clients and provide the best possible first impression.

The following straightforward steps will help you register as a seller on workamnow

● In your browser search bar, search for On the page that is displayed, click on the “Register” button at the top right hand corner. A form will pop up for you to fill.


● Enter your username(the name you wish to be known by on workamnow : your real name is recommended as it gives buyers a sense of security and increases their trust in you).

● Set your user type to “Seller”, enter your valid email address, a password(which you will confirm in a subsequent field) and agree to the “Terms of Service and  Privacy Policy”.

● Click on the “Register” button at the bottom of the form to register. You will be taken to the “Settings” page on which you will find 3 tabs: Account, Security and Payments.

●Above these tabs will be displayed 2 messages in red, one requesting you follow the link to receive an email. This email is used to verify your account. The other requests that you follow the link to verify your phone number.

● Under the “Account” tab, is a “Registration Data” section. Here you are to fill in the respective fields accordingly.

● Next is the “Address Data” section which is to be filled appropriately. The “Zip/Postal Code” and “State/Province/Region” fields are not mandatory so can be skipped if you do not have the right information.

● Once done, click on the “Save” button just below the “Time zone” input field. If all information was entered correctly, you will be taken back to the top of the page and a success message(“Information Saved!”) will be displayed in green.


● The security tab is used to change your password if you wish to do so. Fill the input fields accordingly and click on “Save Changes” to apply the changes.

● In the “Payments” tab, you are to enter information for at least one payment method which is applicable to you out of those available. After filling the fields correctly, click on “Save Changes” to save your information.

You can revisit your settings and modify them through your profile whenever you wish. You’re all set and ready to create a job. The steps below will guide you on how to do so.

● Hover over your username at the top right of the screen(your dashboard).

● Click on “Jobs” in the dropdown menu that appears. The menu will extend to show the “Post New” and “My Jobs” options directly below the “Jobs” option.

● Click on “Post New”. You will be taken to the “Post New Job” page. This page has 4 sections, represented by tabs which appear just below the “Post New Job” heading.  They are the “Job Information”, “Buyer Information”, “Media” and “Extras” tabs.

In the “Job Information” tab:

● Enter a job title not more than 80 characters long. Choose your title carefully as it is the first piece of information buyers will see.

● Type in the price you charge for the job. Prices could be fixed or vary by package if you so desire to sell the service.

● Once you select “package” for pricing, you will not be able to enter a price next to it at that position on the page. The prices according to the package will be specified further down as you set up the various packages.

● Choose a service category from the “Service Category” menu. Once you do this, a menu for the subcategory will appear to the right of the “Service Category” menu in the position highlighted above. Choose an appropriate one for the job.

● Add a description for your job. It should be detailed enough to enable buyers to know whether or not it fits their required need. A description can neither be more than 1000 or less than 35 characters long.

● Fill in a number of tags for the job. These tags are keywords related to your job. They make it easier for buyers to potentially find your job when searching for a service. If you choose to offer this service by packages, you will see a section to configure the packages you offer.

● Enter a package name of your choice under each category. This name must be at least 5 characters long.

● Provide a brief description of what is offered within each package.

● Choose a delivery time for each package. This is the amount of time it will take you to complete a job in each package.

● Against “Package Revisions”, choose the number of times a buyer can contact you for aid or modifications after delivery of the agreed upon work. This number is also specified for each package.

● Enter the package price in USD(United States Dollars). This is how much you are charging for a job in each package. Note that the standard rate for a dollar on workamnow is 600 XAF.

● Click on the “Buyer Information” button at the bottom right of the page to proceed to the next page.

In the “Buyer Information” tab:

● Instructions to buyer: Tell your buyers what information you will need he/she to provide before you can get started with the work.


● FAQ: Insert your question and answer if any. You can add several questions and answers by clicking the “Add New FAQ” button at the bottom left.

● Click on the “Media” button at the bottom right to proceed to the Media tab.

In the “Media” tab:

● Select a cover image related to your job.

● Under “Images”, select and upload 1 or more photos related to your job. Each image should occupy less than 1MB of storage else it will not be accepted into the system. These images are mandatory.

● If you wish to give a more explicit description of your job, you could add the link to a YouTube or Vimeo video in which that is done in the “Video Link” box.

● Click on “Extra” at the bottom right to proceed.

In the “Extras” tab:

● If you are willing to charge an additional fee in order to complete the job faster than specified in the package, check the box next to “Extra Fast Delivery”.

● Specify the fee you are willing to charge and set the maximum number of days it will take. This number is to be deducted from the original delivery time so you know the new deadline for a client who requires this extra service.

● Next to “Additional Revision”, indicate the price for an extra revision of the delivered work outside of the number of times specified initially for the job or in the package.

● Check the “Multiple” checkbox to enable multiple quantity purchase of this additional service. If you do not wish to offer this service more than once per job, leave it unchecked.

● In the “Extra” subsection, you have the possibility of adding a custom extra service you wish to offer, specify its price and whether or not you offer multiple quantity purchases for it.

● You can add more than one custom extra if you wish. You can also delete an existing one. You can do this by clicking either “Add New Extra” at the bottom left or “Delete Extra” slightly above at the opposite end respectively.

● Click on “Publish” to publish your job. You can then check out the job you have created by hovering on your username and clicking on “Jobs” and then “My Jobs” from the further extended menu.


September 3, 2021