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How to Create a Job(gig) on Workamnow as a Freelancer : Step by Step Guide

Getting acquainted with the functionalities of a digital platform without proper guidance can be quite frustrating. This is particularly true when it has to do with income generating activities as is the case on workamnow. In the digital economy we find ourselves in today, the least error could be quite damaging to your prospects of...
September 3, 2021

Ways in which Buyers can hire freelancers on workamnow

Workamnow is a freelancing marketplace connecting small businesses, corporations, startups, entrepreneurs, enterprises (known as “Buyers”) with a vast pool of talented freelancers (“Freelancers”) offering every business service you can imagine from Logo design to Copywriting, Web development, Business administration, Mobile app development, Digital marketing, 3D animations, Lifestyle, Writing articles, Just to name a few. How it...
August 23, 2021

How To Make Money on Workamnow : A Complete Guide

Remote working has been a popular trend in recent years. One of the world’s best online marketplaces where you can showcase your skills and get paid for the work you do is Workamnow. Knowing how to make money on Workamnow can offer endless work opportunities, giving you a reliable stream of income from any part...
August 18, 2021


What do you look for from a freelance agency? How  can  we make our website better tailored to your experience? So many questions we will cover. Blog coming soon. Follow  our business page. ZOTECH COMPANY LIMITED   Enclosed,
May 4, 2021